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Smash Academy app (In progress)

Out-of-Character Information
Name: Cass
Are you over 15?: Yes
DW username: [personal profile] lil_rebbitzen
Time Zone:Eastern
AIM: lilrebbitzen
MSN: n/a
Tegaki: lilrebbitzen
Anything Else?: Which client do you use most often? Are there any you don't sign into at all unless asked?

In-Character Information
Name : Dr. Clark aka Para-Medic
Game/Series: Metul gears tres
Teacher/Student/Other: Teacher/Helping Rhys with Medical duties
Canon Point: After MGS3, but shortly before Port Ops
Age: 34
Grade Level/Class Taught/Job:
Dorm or Living Arrangement: Dorm is fine :)

Backstory: Everything up to Port ops is applicable, and also these two are important as well.

Anything Else?:
I decided she needed a first name, and as this is never stated in the series I decided to use 'Amelia'. She'l probably use Para-Medic mostly, though, and if Konami gives her an official one I will change it.

In-Character 1st person writing sample (journal):
In-Character 3rd person writing post: